What we do

The YLCGA - What we do

The principle objective of the YLCGA is the promotion and welfare of Ladies Amateur golf within the County through Club Support, Education and Competition.
● The YLCGA is a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers.
● The YLCGA is managed by an Executive Committee elected by the representatives of all affiliated Clubs in the County who are known as ‘The Executive’.

Handicapping & Rules
A player is not entitled to hold a handicap unless affiliation fees have been paid to both England Golf and the County. Your Handicap Advisor is available to give advice and resolve disputes on Handicapping (CONGU or WHS), Rules of Golf or Terms of Competition; both for individual golfers and Committees. She will offer support and advice with the Annual Review or any General Play Adjustment: and arbitrate in any Handicapping Appeals made to your Committee, which cannot be resolved at club level.

Course Rating
Trained raters work with teams from the YUGC to rate all the courses in Yorkshire to establish the Scratch Score and calculate the Slope Rating for all tees. Courses are re-rated every 10 years or when significant changes are made to length or layout.

England Golf Voting Member
This is the YLCGA’s representative who attends England Golf General meetings annually and acts as a conduit between the County and England Golf for all golfing matters.

The Northern Region Representative sits on the North Region Committee. The 6 Northern Counties host North Region Competitions in yearly rotation including Northern Foursomes, 36 hole Close Championship, Australian Spoons and County Match Week. When it is Yorkshire’s year to host our Representative organises the competition.

Delegates Meetings - These are organised twice a year by the England Golf Voting Member for the County Officials to pass on information from England Golf, Handicap guidance, Competition and Junior information. They also provide an open forum for discussion between all attending delegates. All affiliated Clubs are entitled to send one delegate.

Area Representatives
The county is divided into 6 areas, each served by at least one Area Representative who liaise with their local Clubs, offering support and advice; reporting individual or local concerns and keeping the Executive aware of the needs of the club golfer.

Club Support Officers work with Clubs in Yorkshire, on behalf of England Golf, and are tasked to assist clubs maintain/increase club membership and identify best practices across the region.

The County Secretary acts as an intermediary between Clubs, County and England Golf and is in a position to answer routine questions on a variety of golf related subjects. She attends meetings with England Golf to maintain awareness on issues which may be of interest to clubs/members. In addition materials such as the Handbook, Events Poster, the Bulletin and regular emails keep the Clubs well informed.

Annual General Meeting
An Annual General Meeting is held where every affiliated club is entitled to attend, to pass the financial reports and any propositions. The County Captain and the other Officials present their Reports for the year and the members of the Executive are re-elected. In addition some trophies won in YLCGA events are also re-presented.

Coaching is provided up to elite level with world class coaches leading to players gaining National and International honours on a regular basis. Through the Autumn and Spring there is a four tier pathway for Juniors, Beginners Young, Promising Young and Intermediate through to Advanced / Elite status.

The Alison Nicholas Fund was started following a donation in 1991 from Alison Nicholas to be used to help young people in full time education to purchase equipment and enter competitions. The YLCGA has continued the fund, mainly using the profits from the Summer Open Meeting.

County Card. This scheme is administered within Yorkshire by the YUGC on behalf of its own and the YLCGA’s members. Thus allowing our members to obtain a card where their Club participates in the scheme. A County Card provides the opportunity to play at over 1300 clubs throughout England at a reduced green fee.

These are run throughout the County in which members and Clubs can play, as set out below. Please refer to the Handbook / website for handicap limits and competition rules.

County Championships are held for Juniors, Ladies and Senior Ladies.
The Challenge Bowl is held as a handicap event.

County Foursomes is a County-wide event where every affiliated Club is allocated places according to their membership numbers to attend one of six regional competitions. The top one-sixth of the field then progress to the Yorkshire Final.

Inter Club Team Championship. YLCGA arranges for Club Teams to compete in a County-wide Team event. Currently there are 5 divisions covering Scratch and Handicap. The team sizes options include 7, 5 and 3 players. The top four clubs play in the Interclub Finals, held at neutral venues, usually in August or September.

County Matches Inter-County matches are played by Juniors, County 1st and 2nd teams and the Mid Amateurs. The County 1st Team is selected after the Championship and represents Yorkshire at the Northern Region County Match Week. The winning County goes forward to represent the North at the England Women’s County Finals.

Open meetings are held during the Spring, Summer and Autumn for both affiliated Ladies and Juniors. In addition 4 purely Junior Regional Events are organised across the County.