The County Area Authority is there to answer queries and offer advice to individual members of the YLCGA, or Committee Members of Affiliated Golf Clubs. We can answer questions on Course Rating, Rules of Handicapping, Rules of Golf and Competition Rules.

Queries should be sent to:
Ruth Goodwin, Regional/County Handicap Advisor
Terry-Ann Whiteley, County Handicap Advisor
Joy Hunter, Regional/County Course Rating Advisor.

Please ensure the contact details for your club handicap secretary are sent directly to Ruth if there are any changes; as updates and advice documents are sent out regularly.

Any Handicapping Appeal should be sent to Ruth Goodwin.

Contact details for the above can be found in the YLCGA Handbook or use the contact form below.

England Golf Handicap Appeals Procedure

Please click on the link below to read the England Golf Handicap Appeals Procedure


Yorkshire Ladies' County Golf Association