Policies & Procedures

All YLCGA Policies are reviewed regularly in line with current UK Legislation, England Golf Guidelines and Handicapping Rules

- Dawn Clegg - County Governance Officer -

Policy Documentation

Click on the following links below to download a copy of the required documentation

The World Anti Doping Agency's 2024 Prohibited List

Please click on the link below for the details of the 2024 Prohibited List which includes links for further information

Coaching Update October 2023 (Covid regulations)

Please click on the link below to read the latest information re: Team Coaching

YLCGA - Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy (ED&I) 2023

This encompasses all aspects of our previous Policies and Statements regarding Equality, Gender and Disability

YLCGA - Disciplinary Regulations Guidance 2023

This outlines how the County may help resolve disputes between Clubs and their members. Club Disciplinary guidance can be found on the England Golf website.

YLCGA - Transportation Policy 2023

This documents sets out the circumstances in which golf buggies may be used in events organised and managed by the Yorkshire Ladies' County Golf Association.

Sponsorship & Donation Acceptance Policy 2023

YLCGA - Safeguarding Children and Young Adults - September 2023

Safeguarding of Adults 2023

Pace of Play Policy - September 2023

YLCGA Articles of Association and Rules of the YLCGA