Updates from YLCGA

Updates from the YLCGA

Updates from the Executive Meeting 5 February 2024

• Following feedback It has been proposed and agreed that for a 12-month period, specific highlighted items from YLCGA meetings will be posted on the website.

• We have 2 new Area Reps - Annette Jackson representing the East Region and Wendy Capelin Harrogate/York. We are always looking for new area reps and currently have vacancies in the West and South Region. See Exec Vacancies for details

• Regional meetings took place on 23 February at Hallamshire and Otley. Inter club reps were in attendance to listen to clubs’ suggestions and discussions about all aspects of the inter club leagues.

• Alysia Rigg last year’s junior ambassador, has volunteered to support the junior training events.

• Annette Jackson has also been appointed Junior Team Manager

• Competitions; entries are coming in via the website. Please see the Competitions section of the website for full details on how to enter using Golf Genius

• 2024 Handbooks are to be distributed at the upcoming regional meetings or at the Delegates Meeting at Pike Hills on 18 March or will be posted. There is an online version on the website

• Regional Reps outreach Meetings 2024
Coffee Mornings: 23 Feb at Otley and Hallamshire.

Golf Days: Catterick 31 May
Hainsworth Park 11 April
Details will be circulated by the Area Reps