2021 Terms of Entry

Below are the Inter Club terms of entry and the Handicap Index (HI) limits for 2021 to help you decide the teams you will be entering for the 2021 season.

Team Sizes and Handicap Index Limits:

Scratch League 7 players HI up to 36.4

A League 7 players HI up to 27.4

B League 7 players HI 18.5 up to 36.4

White Rose League 5 players HI up to 36.4

Weekend League 3 players HI up to 36.4 

Please note the following

A persons HI is to a decimal point and this is reflected in the HI limits above. Anyone who has played at least one match in that year in a B league team and their HI drops below 18.5 will still be eligible to play in that B league team off their new HI.No player over 36.4 in Scratch, B, White Rose and Weekend League teams or 27.4 in the A league is eligible to play in that team.
Matches in Scratch A, B and White Rose leagues may arrange matches, with the agreement of BOTH Captains, at a weekend. Weekend league teams may arrange matches, with the agreement of BOTH Captains, on a weekday evening. 

Teams in Scratch, A and B leagues are allowed to field a team of six players ONCE in the season, White Rose teams will be allowed to field a team of four players ONCE in the season and Weekend teams will be allowed to field a team of two players ONCE in the season. 

However, if any team fields less than a full team more than once in the season they will be refused entry for that team in that league the following year.

This measure is there to help in extreme circumstances. When entering teams, it is very important to do so with the knowledge that you have the players to support your commitment. 

Clubs may enter two teams in each league NB: The restriction whereby clubs with a total of 3 or more teams in any 7-player league may not enter the White Rose league has been removed. 

It is not permissible to inter change players between teams in the same league. However, players can be interchanged between teams in different leagues, HI permitting.

The draw for all leagues will be on a localised basis wherever possible.

All matches to be played between April 1 and August 11 2021
Closing date for entries 28 September 2020. The Executive will refuse entry to any club who returns a late entry.

Inter Club Match Secretary:- Marlene Dixon
Assistant Inter Club Match Secretary:- Linda Bemrose

Full Terms of Competition will be in the 2021 Handbook.

Transportation Policy

Details of the YLCGA transportation Policy can be accessed under YLCGA Policies and Procedures

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