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Hello Ladies

At long last I don't have that feeling of déjà vu! I have just looked up the message that I posted this time last year and it rambles on about us cancelling our calendar until June as we all went into lockdown.
Fortunately we are all just coming out of lockdown with a return to golf this week. Already I have several events to attend in April as County Captain, and having served seventeen months as Captain, they will be my very first events on behalf of Yorkshire!. It is astonishing to think that there is still a member of the Executive I have still to meet in person.
We hope very much to run a full calendar this year, even if they are held in a different way. The first major event is the Championship 7th/8th/9th May at Ilkley, and we will welcome all competitors whilst complying with Government guidelines. There are still spaces to participate in this event. Because of the restrictions and no access to the clubhouse, sadly spectators will not be allowed and there will be no presentation afterwards.
The Inter Club Championship kicks off at the start of April. I know matches will feel a little different, but many of you are keen to take part in competitive matches. Hopefully as the summer arrives the removal of some Government restrictions will allow a more convivial match.
The decision on Northern Counties Match Week, this year being held at Alnmouth, will be made at the end of April. This will be a tricky decision as it will be difficult to predict if all restrictions will be lifted the week before we go, therefore allowing the players to share rooms and cars.
That is all for now but if any of you have any questions or concerns, please pick up the telephone to the relevant member of the Executive. I hope that you all enjoy the return to golf.

Maggie Katz
Yorkshire County Captain
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